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Training Services & Lessons

FPF offers a host of services related to training both horse and rider.  The basis of our training program is regular lessons and home-schooling of horses. Most, but not all, customers take multiple lessons per week and have their horses professionally schooled on a regular basis, though each training program is individually tailored to the needs and budget of each customer.  

The training services we provide include:

  • Regular and weekly private one-hour lessons

  • Regular professional home-schooling of horses

  • Regular professional “exercise/conditioning” rides

  • Regular group lessons, clinics and home-practice shows

  • Horse show training

  • Horse show schooling rides (pre-show AM schooling and class-prep rides)

  • Horse show class rides (billed by the class)

  • Hauling/Shipping services to all shows FPF attends (available but not required)

  • Horse show “grooming” services (limited)

Group Clinics
To foster camaraderie and teamwork, all riders at FPF also participate in group clinics.  We find that riders can also learn by watching each other and showing support.  It is not uncommon to switch horses in clinics so that each rider may gain additional perspective.

Horse Training 

Whether green or seasoned, every horse benefits from professional analysis and training. FPF horses are in consistent training not only with their owners but with professional riders. Emily Friedman is well known for providing green horses with a stable foundation of flatwork and an understanding of the aids.  She specializes in bringing along young horses with confidence.  FPF works with many of the top professional riders in the area to give additional expertise to a horse's training progress.

Ask about available training opportunities.


FPF shows in local, regional, and national competitions.  Frequented horse shows include MHSA Regional shows, Swan Lake Schooling & Rated series, Prince George's Equestrian Center, Howard/Baltimore County Horse Show Associations, and Lexington National Horse Show.  

All Horse Show clients receive individualized attention and training from schooling to classes and post-show reflection.

Read more about our Horse Show training philosophies here.

Board-Related Services

Those services that are board-related and thus not billed separately include:

  • Daily soundness, health, shoe check

  • Daily blanketing, unblanketing, changing blankets/sheets

  • Daily protective boots

  • Administering medications

  • Treating injuries, wrapping, unwrapping, etc.

  • Bringing in and turning out for farrier, vet, etc.

  • Meeting veterinarians, farriers, and other service providers

  • 24-hour stall board required for injury, illness, etc. (up to 5 days per month)


Please contact us for stall availability and details.

Management/Care Services

  • Body clipping

  • Pre-Show trimming (whiskers/legs)

  • Mane pulling

“Away-Show” Services

  • For those shows that FPF stables on the show grounds, we offer a complete service package that allows our customers to focus on riding, showing and enjoying themselves, while we attend to all of the issues related to caring-for and preparing their horses.  These services include:

  • Daily stall preparation and cleaning (throughout the day)

  • Feeding, administering medications, wrapping, blanketing, etc.

  • Lunging, schooling, exercising and preparing horses to show

  • Ring-side grooming services

  • Show ground lessons and schooling

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